Islamabad Expert From Semalt Tells How To Avoid Referrer Spam In Google Analytics

The problem of Google Analytics referrer spam has been prevalent among many accounts of website owners. In most cases, the victims of referrer spam traffic usually suffer from fake Analytics data. This issue affects the performance of digital marketing methods in place. Some of the common referrer spam domains include Darodar.

It is essential to spot and eliminate referrer spam from your GA reports. In this SEO article provided by Sohail Sadiq, a leading expert from Semalt, it is crucial to have three different views. First of all, there should be a view of a testing environment, a view with the primary data and the main view. These three aspects aid in the process of comparison between raw data and the main view to ensuring that the filters behave correctly.

How to spot referrer spam in Google Analytics

You need to log into your GA account and navigate to the Acquisition dashboard. From the All traffic section, you can click "Source/Medium" to show your top ten traffic sources in their respective order. They are in the order of sessions as well as reference. In the Source/ medium column, you can tick referral websites. These options consist of all other sites, excluding search engines, which are redirecting to your website URL. From here, you can be able to have a metrics view pane which can provide valuable information on the engagement time of your site.

In most cases, the referrer source may not mean a significant portion of your entire traffic. When you get a spam referrer domain which has at least 1% of the overall site traffic, it is possible that it could be coming from a spam referrer. You can be able to compare the behavior patterns of your website metrics over a long time as well as analyzing year-to-year trends. Typically, referrer spam traffic comes in spurts. For instance, you can get a sudden surge of visitors or even a low visitor turnout. In these cases, the source of your visitors can be from a referrer domain.

Using website engagement metric

From your Google Analytics website, it is possible to look at the average session duration on your website. People engage with a site for a longer time than machines. Traffic coming from referrer spam has a pattern of having 0seconds engagement time. For instance, you can get a website which is having slightly more than 100 web visits. From these visitors, only one of them might end up being a visitor. You can also be able to customize these filters by the country of origin.


Referrer spam is a significant problem which faces a majority of the internet users. In most cases, this traffic can skew your GA account metrics affecting the website performance. For an e-commerce site to succeed, there is need of employing useful internet marketing skills to scale up the entire business. This SEO article can help you differentiate referrer spam from regular traffic. You can be able to ensure that your internet marketing skills come in handy as well as active data monitoring.

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